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Understanding Covid-19 when you are pregnant

Understanding Covid-19 when you are pregnant

Pregnancy is sometimes an uncertain and stressful period in the best of circumstances, but during a pandemic, that anxiety can quickly multiply. Researchers are working quickly to learn more about the new Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and what this means right now for people...

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Kristal & Chris’s Birth Story

If you are reading this, to decide whether or not to use Linda’s services, then the answer is a resounding YES! Linda is incredible and the service that she provides is outstanding. We initially met Linda 2 years ago, during my first pregnancy, through her Birth...

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Vicki & Phil’s Birth Story

I highly recommend Linda’s services. I instructed her as a Private midwife. During my pregnancy I had a number of medical complications and a pain related disability caused by pelvic girdle pain (e.g. I could only walk very short distances). I struggled with the...

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Making a Plan B

Women that prepare themselves for all modes of birth describe the experience as much more positive.

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