Hello! I’m Linda

 Private midwife, birth mentor and postnatal tutor. 


I was drawn to midwifery from a very young age, and qualified in 1991 at Solihull Maternity unit West Midlands, where my passion for birth and getting couples as prepared as possible for this transformational event saw me move into a parent education role soon after qualifying. I’ve had a hugely enjoyable career, which has been broadly split between working as a labour ward midwife and an educator.

The birth of my son in 2004 led to me suffering significant birth trauma, and in 2009 I returned to practise as a midwife, but rapidly realised that the 12 hour shifts would not work for me with a young child. 

I had a decade of working in a locum midwife role helping out at short-staffed maternity units from Manchester to London as this gave me much more flexibility as a mum.

 During this time I set up from bumps 2 babies to support couples with antenatal preparation, pregnancy and postnatal massage and mindset preparation for birth through Hypnobirth teaching.

With my own experience and witnessing how women were being treated during pregnancy,  labour and birth, I made a decision to become a Private Midwife in 2019.

This has allowed me to provide couples in my care with a totally individualised level of support and compassion and gives them the continuity of care which the NHS seeks to achieve with the Maternity Transformation project but struggles to do so largely because of staffing issues.

Being present at a birth is such a huge privilege and one which has never ceased to fill me with awe and respect for the power of women.

With the unprecedented challenges that the covid pandemic has brought I continue to offer one to one support to many many women each year and my private consultations have continued on line for couples who want me to help them to maximise a better birth experience, or to discuss their newborn needs.

The development of my Online birth preparation programme in 2020 has helped hundreds of couples to prepare for labour birth and new parenthood.

I talk about finding your power as a woman because modern day obstetrics is entrenched in policy and guidelines and it’s my resounding belief that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

During pregnancy you can feel quite vulnerable and you “don’t know what you don’t know” so you sign up for a big name antenatal class or see a special offer class on line and sign up for it hoping it will prepare you adequately.

You read books, join on-line forums and talk to friends and family about what to expect.

The thing is, that some of this stuff can leave you feeling anxious and fearful, so  it might be worth considering support from an experienced birth professional who has attended over 700 births and knows the formula for achieving a better birth experience.

In 2016 the Royal college of Midwives reported that only 22% of births were achieved with no intervention!. Much of this intervention can be avoided if you understand the process and that you ALWAYS have a choice about what happens to your body.

Come and join me and let me guide you and be your ‘go to’ expert for a better birth experience


Looking forward to supporting you

Linda x