Hi I’m Linda Lilwall FromBumps2Babies

My role as a Midwife is to trust a woman’s body, hold space, provide encouragement and be comfortable and confident to support the process of birth in the setting a woman chooses. Nothing fills my heart like seeing a woman becoming educated and empowered to own her birth. I absolutely love sharing with women the journey of transformation though pregnancy into birthing goddesses and empowered mothers. I choose to be with women, nurturing, supporting, advocating and respecting the process of birth and a woman’s rights to make informed decisions for herself and her family. 

I am privileged to have been a nurse and Midwife for over 30 years now and i passionately believe in the innate power of a woman’s body to birth her baby in a natural calm and confident manner with the correct support guidance and preparation along the way.

Being pregnant for the first time or following a challenging experience last time around can leave many couples feeling anxious and out of control.

My resounding belief is that the journey into parenthood can be joyful and rewarding if parents are given practical, realistic and honest, advice and support. This is the driver behind everything I do, from  birth classes, KG Hypnobirthing workshops & relaxing and remedial massage therapy to soothe your aching limbs.

Based on this ethos I have helped hundreds of couples, many of whom return with their next pregnancy; a testament to the high level of service I provide, and the 5 star reviews that i receive.

From bumps2babies was created in 2008 as a holistic pregnancy and postnatal wellness service and is now a leading provider in the West Midlands.

I hold all the classes and massages in Sutton Coldfield.

In the middle of my clinical career my role diversified into national training management with a leading infant nutrition company and i worked in training and development with Boots Healthcare international which took me overseas to work in Thailand and Europe as well as extensive UK coverage.

I have a huge depth of knowledge in the field of both nursing and Midwifery and recently i was describes as being the ‘wikipedia’ of Midwives which made me smile !

My inherent love of learning and development make me a keen reader and i follow thought leaders in the field of midwifery so that i can bring the most up to date information to clients to serve them more deeply.

I have a huge resource library to call upon if couples need more information on a wide range of issues and i recently acquired the ‘ask the midwife’ domain name as I’m about to set up a dedicated you-tube channel to provide video content on the questions that i am most often asked as a midwife.

I remain a practising delivery suite midwife in the Birmingham area and I work on delivery suite in short staffed hospitals and birth centres on a locum Midwife basis when required. I have many years of professional experience in the field of midwifery, pre-post natal health and supporting and educating pregnant women.

Over the last 10 years i have worked in numerous maternity hospitals including Leicester, Milton Keynes, Watford, Barnet, Enfield, Ealing, West Middlesex, Royal Berkshire, Peterborough, Hereford,Chesterfield, North Manchester, Royal Oldham, Solihull, Heartlands and Good Hope.

My work is predominantly in supporting women in labour and during childbirth, and i have a lot of experience in the process of labour induction which i firmly believe is being offered too frequently, which is the current focus of my work at Frombumps2babies and i am producing some on line materials to help couples through this uncertain time.

Recently i have had more and more couples who have completed my birth classes asking if i will be their private midwife to support them in a doula capacity during labour and birth and i am delighted to have now fully launched this bespoke service.

In my spare time i enjoy travelling with my partner and teenage son. I’m a real foodie and a huge music fan too. In fact i’m renowned for my labour playlists which create such a beautiful ambience and help the oxytocin flow during labour and birth.

I have a little Pug named Pablo who features in my posts from time to time and who is a real cuddle monster !

I’d love to have the opportunity to hold your hand through this exciting and magical time in your life. Please give me a call and lets chat about how i can best support you


warmest regards

Linda xx