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My top recommendations

1. TENS Machine


An absolutely brilliant comfort measure for latent and early active labour. Larger chemists or some hospitals hire them out, or you could buy your own from Amazon.

Pop the pads onto specific points on your back daily from 37 weeks to help with late pregnancy backache and to start pre-loading your body with comforting endorphins pre-labour.

Once labour starts, be sure to pop the pads on early to get the most benefit.

2. Aniball

During labour, your pelvic muscles stretch by 300%. The maximum expansion happens at the moment of the baby’s head birthing – the muscles are triple-stretched from 3 to 10 cm.

It’s clear unprepared tissue may tear. Aniball works by stretching and relaxing the pelvic muscles by using a uniquely shaped and thoroughly tested balloon.

With Aniball, you greatly increase the chance of a positive birth experience without tearing. You also get more confident and approach birth without fear.

For more information, head over to Aniball.

3. Epsom Salts


A fabulous bath soak to aid many  uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms such as aches and pains, twitchy legs, itchy haemorrhoids, itchy skin and also thought to maintain stable blood pressure through absorption of the mineral salt magnesium.

Use generously (at least a full mug per bath) and soak for maximum 20 minutes to get best magnesium absorption after this time the magnesium leaches back out into the bath water so not as effective. The salts are readily available in most places, however, you can click here to buy them from Amazon.

4. Essential oils for relaxation


Diffuse the oils into the air or put a few drops into your bath and lie back and practise your birth breathing.

To improve your sleep, lavender, ylang-ylang, mandarin, chamomile or frankincense are the best options. Click here to buy.

Add a total of 12 drops of essential oil to 2 tablespoons of pure water in a spray-mist bottle, and mist your pillows before bed.

5. Birthing ball


A must have item which improves posture, helps pelvic pain and back ache, plus it gets baby into the optimum position for birth. Choose the size dependant on your height and use it daily from 28 weeks. This can be purchased from Amazon.

6. Colostrum syringes


Start expressing the colostrum from the end of the 36th week, to ensure that baby has some nourishment at birth if they are reluctant to latch. This will also help to soften and prepare the cervix for labour & birth. I’m such a huge fan of this preparation because it works really well.

You can purchase a pack of 10 here

7. Giant muslin cloths

An absolute essential for use during the summer nights as a light wrap. Importantly for use as a light swaddle after birth, when baby is most likely to feel separation anxiety when placed in their cot. Light swaddling also prevents baby from startling themselves awake by throwing their arms in the air. Click here to purchase from Amazon

8. Feeding cushion

A fantastic support for breast or bottle feeding and invaluable if you have a Caesarean wound as it completely protects the scar. Also, baby gets into a much better position when lying on this cushion. This makes getting that all important latch so much easier. To purchase a cushion from Amazon, click here.

9. Perineal spray

Instant relief for perineal soreness, bruising and swelling after childbirth, particularly in the first week. This website has a variety of products to choose from.

10. Electric breast pump

Not necessary until after baby is born, however a fast and efficient way to express any remaining milk from your breasts after feeds. This means that daddy can join in the night feeding when you need some rest. Alternatively, if you prefer baby just to feed from the breast then you can build up a supply of breast milk in the freezer. This will help when you return to work, or for some women who cannot latch the baby following professional help; ensuring that baby is able to get your precious breast milk fed via a bottle. Click here to purchase online.

11. Mumba Bra


The Mumba Bra is unlike any other nursing bra. It is designed to address some of the most common breastfeeding problems. The design has been carefully developed to support mums from pregnancy through to nursing. It adjusts as you grow from pregnancy to nursing, it gives you comfort day and night, with unique features to aid your breastfeeding journey. It includes a focus pattern to soothe your baby during their feed, a clasp to remind you which breast to use to feed your baby and a drop cup opening to allow one hand release and discreet feeding.

Click here to buy

12. Neokay


NeoKay Oral Drops are a food supplement intended for new born babies. The drops contain Vitamin K1.

These are the alternative to a Vitamin K injection at birth.
Click here to buy

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