A guide to Post natal depression

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Most people today have heard the term ‘baby blues’ used to describe a mild short, period of depression which many women experience after childbirth. Fewer people are aware that as many as 10% of all recently delivered women develop postnatal depression. In a proportion of these mothers the depression may be of such severity that they need psychiatric help and … Read More

Fear in Pregnancy and Labour

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When you think about childbirth, chances are the word “pain” is one of the first that comes to mind. While it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive as you near the end of your pregnancy, some women can experience intense fear that makes them dread delivery and could actually affect the progress of their labour. A Swedish study found that … Read More

Benefits of Massage

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You may think of massage as a luxury spa treatment to indulge in on special occasions, however one of the most beneficial times for massage can be during pregnancy. Massage has many benefits in pregnancy and in this months’ article we will explore some of these a little further Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, … Read More

Exercising safely in Pregnancy

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  Light to moderate exercise can become an important part of helping you feel your best during pregnancy, preparing your body for labour and recovering after the birth. Studies have shown that in most cases exercise during pregnancy is safe for both mother and baby when done correctly. Do not worry if you were not very active before your pregnancy … Read More

Choosing Antenatal classes

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What is antenatal education for and what should it look like? At Frombumps2 babies we believe that all expectant mothers and fathers should be helped to prepare for birth and parenthood and groups and classes in pregnancy have been important to generations of expectant mothers and fathers. However, local provision varies in quality and accessibility and in some places has … Read More

Surviving the first few weeks

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The first few weeks are magical but hard work !! Here is our quick guide to helping you not only survive but thrive in the first few weeks .. During the first 6-8 weeks  – you will have support and care from health professionals for your health and your baby’s health. Care will cover your recovery, your baby’s health and … Read More

What to pack to take into hospital

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It seems like a lot – but its like going on holiday not knowing when you are going or how long you are staying !! Remember to send anything home you no longer need with visitors and ask for extra supplies to be bought in if you need them. Hospital Kit Pack a small bag for delivery suite/leave postnatal bag … Read More

How to have a Happy healthy holiday while pregnant

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Looking forward to your trip but worried about being too tired and uncomfortable to have fun? Try these tips for ensuring you travel safely whilst pregnant. Can I have travel vaccinations when I’m pregnant? The best rule is simply not to travel during your pregnancy to countries where vaccinations are needed. If you are going somewhere that requires travel vaccinations, … Read More


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Over the last few years the popularity of the use of water in labour continues to grow with more than 75% of UK hospitals now offer a birthing pool for labour and delivery in low risk women.   Frombumps2babies are taking a look at the benefits and concerns surrounding water birth and have been speaking to one of our clients Maria … Read More