Positive Birth Story – wonderful hypnobirthing induction for a “big baby”

This positive birth story is so like many we hear of. Where a “big baby” leads to a recommendation of induction. Chloe shares how even though her labour and birth didn’t go according to her original plan, she used her hypnobirthing toolkit to remain calm and empowered, and had a positive story as she welcomed Baby Clara to the world.

From my 20 week scan I was told I was having a “big baby”, being told by healthcare professionals of all the risks to me and the baby and the likelihood of me needing to have a c-section, naturally caused huge anxiety. With Linda in our corner my husband and I were able to reflect on what we were being told, asking the right questions and gathering our information, which helped to alleviate some of this.

As I got closer to my due date, I was told at my 36 week consultant appointment , that I had to book a c-section at 39 weeks as my baby was abnormally big, but that I could also consider induction at 38 weeks. Following this at our 36 week scan I was told conflicting information and that I couldn’t have an induction as this was too risky with my “big baby”. Again, having Linda in our corner we were able to process and reflect on what it was we were being told and ask questions, as well as figure out what it was that we wanted.

My birth, my choice

Ultimately having gathered our information, discussed it with Linda and reflected extensively, we decided that induction at 38 weeks was the route we wanted to take. Despite this not being the original way I wanted my labour to go, I felt happy and confident with our decision and feel that this was as a result of the positive mindset that Linda and Hypnobirthing had taught me.

I was induced on Wednesday and hadn’t progressed particularly at the time of having the second pessary put in at 3pm. At 1.30am my waters broke and my contractions got closer and closer together, but I was advised by the midwife that it would be hours and there was no room on delivery ward. I focused on my breathing, Hypnobirthing and used my tens machine. At 4am I asked for some Pethidine and was given half a dose, at this point I was examined and was told I was 2cm. At 6 am I was re-examined and was advised I was 9 cm and was rushed to delivery ward. Again reflecting on this now, it is clear to me how important positive mindset and Hypnobirthing were in this process.

Empowered and calm

Once on the delivery ward I felt really empowered, I had managed to get to where I was all on my own, I felt in control and confident that I could do the rest. I was walking around the room, using my breathing and gas and air and determined that with the support of the amazing midwife I could get baby out. Unfortunately due to my contractions slowing down and as a result of this and some other factors I had a lot of consultant involvement from this point and after a few hours, with baby not coming down and the drip not strengthening my contractions, the doctors decided that an intervention in theatre was the best option for me and baby.

My husband was there every step of the way and also has reflected since that he felt calmer throughout the process as a result of the classes we had done with Linda and understanding what was happening to me and baby.

Not what I had planned at all, but because I felt calm and confident and I understood what was happening I was okay with the decision. My beautiful little girl Clara was born by forcep delivery in theatre and I couldn’t have been happier. At 8lb 2oz she certainly was not the huge baby that all the healthcare professionals had been telling me she would be! Overall my birth was totally the opposite on the surface of what I had wanted. However, thinking about this since, there were lots of aspects of it that were exactly what I wanted.

The fact that I was calm, confident and positive throughout and the fact that I was able to ask questions and make informed decisions. I put this down to Hypnobirthing and the support and guidance I had from Linda and I can’t thank her enough. My advice to other mums to be would be to do your research, get different opinions but ultimately feel empowered to go with what you feel is right for you.

From when I first found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted to do Hypnobirthing and thankfully finding Linda at From Bumps 2 Babies was the best thing that could have happened in terms of my pregnancy and birth.

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