Our Mumfit Post Natal Fitness Programme

Becoming a mother is a is a very special time in a woman’s life and our MUMFIT programme has been developed by highly experienced midwives and specialist fitness experts to give you peace of mind that you are in excellent hands to enable you to have the best possible start to motherhood both if its your first time or if you already have other children. Effective post natal exercise needs to be specifically targeted and also adapted to individual needs be it for weight loss, toning the mummy tummy or more complex pelvic floor issues such as prolapse. MUMFIT is more than just a course of classes it offers invaluable support to new mums, nutritional advice and referral to other practitioners where appropriate. MUMFIT is endorsed by the Midlands leading Womens Health Physiotherapy clinic.

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MUMFIT is a specially designed post natal exercise programme to help you once you have had your baby by leading experts with extensive education and experience. The postnatal journey takes time and can vary depending on your birth and recovery. MUMFIT offers a safe, supportive and goal oriented approach to post natal fitness with special focus on issues affecting new mothers, such as strengthening of pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which are affected by pregnancy and labour. Every new mum joining the programme has a complimentary Mummy MOT which includes a 20 minute individual phone consultation and at their first class an assessment of tummy muscles, posture and nutritional advice.


  • A weekly exercise class designed to re strengthen key muscles
  • Effective fat burning exercises  – to help you shed the baby weight
  • Support you if suffering from axiety or depression
  • Setting you own goals to help you in your new role as a mum
  • Realistic Meal planning to ensure you are having a healthy diet
  • Discussions on the challenges and joys of being a mum
  • Supportive friendly group
  • Opportunity to meet new mums
  • Babies welcome so no childcare to arrange – supervised creche area
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