This workshop picks up where Practical Birthing leaves off, to support you with feeding your baby, understanding how breastfeeding works, and practical skills for newborn baby care. Learn all the essential skills to help you and your partner navigate those first days at home with supported knowledge and practical skills, led by an experienced midwife.

We recommend  that you attend this workshop from 30-37 weeks of pregnancy however we realise that some women need last minute support as well right up to 40 weeks.

Workshop Overview

Our experienced Midwife, Linda, will guide you through the following topics:

  • How breast feeding works
  • What is breast milk and what does it contain?
  • Initiating breast feeding
  • Feeding cues
  • Latching techniques (practical)
  • Foremilk and hindmilk
  • Demand feeds versus timed feeds
  • Rooming in
  • Infant weight gain and loss patterns
  • Stool patterns
  • Common breast feeding challenges
  • Expressing and storing breast milk
  • How and where to get help if struggling
  • When and how to stop breast feeding
  • What happens next ?
  • Breast milk substitutes
  • Cutting through the confusion of infant formula
  • Powdered or liquid formula cost comparisons
  • How to sterilise all feeding equipment for breast milk or infant formula
  • Safe preparation of infant formula
  • Safe storage and reheating of infant formula
  • Safe sleeping and travel
  • Topping and tailing newborn babies
  • Safe bathing techniques for newborn
  • Cord and eye care



Per Couple

Classes held during weekends at The Royal Hotel, Sutton Coldfield.

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