Vicki & Phil’s Birth Story

I highly recommend Linda’s services. I instructed her as a Private midwife. During my pregnancy I had a number of medical complications and a pain related disability caused by pelvic girdle pain (e.g. I could only walk very short distances). I struggled with the stress of these difficulties and the demands that attending multiple medical appointments placed on my time in the context of running a full time business.

Support for my busy life

Linda was able to save me time and provide invaluable support by liaising with other professionals about my care, providing me with advice and support as and when I needed it rather than having to book appointments with NHS professionals. She provided me with education catered to my individual needs about baby care and the birth, helping me make an informed decision about a C-section and securing a private room for the birth. She was always available to answer phone calls or respond to texts. Linda was also there to provide support in hospital immediately after the birth.

Post C-Section support

Linda’s most valued support was after the birth of my baby when I was discharged home. I was unable to independently care for myself or my baby in the early stages post-surgery. It took a while before I could walk to the toilet, shower myself or hold my baby on my own. Linda came to visit me at home, provided emotional support, reassurance and medical advice. She helped with my personal care and to slowly gain independence with parenting. The latter involved educating me about baby care, the practical application of this to my baby and providing advice and strategies for how to work around my post-operative disability. I don’t know how I would have coped without this support.

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