Multiple birth workshop with our Expert Midwife Antoinette Connolly as seen on one born every minute at Birmingham Womens hospital. This weekend workshop will be held 4 times a year in Birmingham during January, April, August and December

The aim of the course is to meet the needs of couples or single parents expecting twins, triplets or quads by enabling them to explore their Multiple birth and postnatal choices using up to date evidence-based information. Groups set their own agenda for the course at the start of the day but these are topics that often come up:

  • Factors influencing type of birth for twins or triplets, vaginal birth for twins or C section
  • Role of birth partner in vaginal or twin C section birth
  • What to expect in labour and how twin birth differs from singleton birth
  • How can you cope with labour pain and what choices do you have
  • How to make a twin birth plan
  • How to make Caesarean birth for twins or triplets special
  • Recovery after both types of birth
  • Prematurity – can you prevent it
  • What happens if twins or triplets arrive early
  • How to breastfeed twins or triplets or bottle feed twins
  • Co-bedding twins or more and routines for twins
  • Impact on your relationship of having twins or triplets
  • What equipment do you need for twins and triplets
  • How to get out and about with twins or more

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For more information or to reserve a place please complete the enquiry form or contact midwife@frombumps2babies or call Linda on 07920192881

The Magic of Multiples Workshop


Per Couple

The session will run from 10am-4pm on a Saturday and Sunday and costs £130 per couple.

There will be a maximum of 5 couples on the workshop and an information pack and refreshments will be provided