Private Midwife Services

With experienced midwife Linda
Consult with a private midwife about newborn feeding issues.

Online Newborn Feeding Consultation

A 60 min call with an experienced midwife and 2 Ebooks to support your needs.


The current Covid-19 pandemic is affecting community midwife appointments and you may have reduced contact from your midwife team. Rather than feel alone, why not book an online postnatal consultation. The From Bumps 2 Babies postnatal consultation includes: A simple one click link to a 60 min zoom room where I can speak to you directly and provide advice about postnatal wellbeing and baby feeding to include :

  • A feeding assessment and review
  • Advice on expressing breast milk and feed volumes
  • Advice on any concerns with breast soreness and positioning
  • Advice on the different numbers on formula milk tins.
  • Advice on common digestive disturbances in baby
  • Advice on cord care
  • Tongue tie referral if required.

E-book – Optimising Postnatal Health E-Book – Newborn Care This consultation is perfect for babies under 6 weeks of age or a little older if they have colic or reflux. How it works Upon payment I will contact you to arrange the appointment and send you the login details.


1 review for Online Newborn Feeding Consultation

  1. Kayanna

    Today has been a completely different day from start to finish. He has fed, slept and pooped like a normal child. I can’t believe it. I’ve literally been anxious all day expecting the other shoe to drop so to speak and at 5.30, I fed him, and he settled
    Thank you soooo much for your advice yesterday! You are amazing, you really are. Saint Linda

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