Our Birth Planning Classes are facilitated by a delivery suite midwife with the latest evidence-based research.

Our aim is to make the event fun, collaborative and easy to understand so that you feel as prepared as possible for your birth experience, plus you will have gathered enough information to formulate your own individualised birth proposal during the programme.

We recommend that you attend this workshop from 28 weeks of pregnancy however we realise that some women need last-minute support as well right up to 40 weeks.

Workshop Overview

All the information that you will ever need to know to get you both prepared for a relaxed and calm labour and birth experience. This session focuses on :
The stages and phases of labour, Whats happening in your body during labour, partners involvement, positioning, breathing and relaxation techniques, comfort measures and creating the right labour environment. We will also build your birth plan together so you can be confident that during labour everyone is literally on the same page.Our aim is for you to finish the course feeling calm, confident and fully prepared.

Course Content:
  • Building a Birth Proposal
  • Creating the right Birthing environment and what can help or hinder your labour
  • What you can expect emotionally & physically before, during and after birth
  • Different stages and phases of labour and the role of hormones
  • Talking in dept about the important role of your partner or birth supporter
  • Coping and support strategies through labour and birth, using Hypnobirthing tools and techniques
  • Discussing your options with your health care providers and making informed choices
  • comfort measures and options
  • Self-help techniques for Labour and Birth – breathing, relaxation and massage
  • Babies journey through the pelvis
  • More complex birth journeys – what to expect and decision making including topics such as induction, Assisted Birth and Caesarean Birth
  • Homebirth benefits and dispelling myths
  • Waterbirth or water immersion 

How to build a smart birth plan


Per Couple

This fabulous 2.5 hour session includes notes and a birth planning template which we will complete during the programme plus follow up support. Held monthly on a Thursday evening from 6.30pm in Boldmere.

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