Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety & stress, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, improve circulation & reduce fluid build up. It can soothe & relieve many pregnancy symptoms, and also offers remedial relief from conditions such as pelvic girdle pain. 

To support you in your pregnancy we have developed a luxurious and remedial pregnancy massage provided by Midwife and pregnancy massage therapist Linda Lilwall, using organic products from the wonderful Neals yard range.

This fully immersive session involves massage, relaxation and a chance to ask Linda any questions about your pregnancy and you will be sent a recording of your babies heartbeat ( after 16 weeks) as a keepsake.

Pamper and Prepare Pregnancy Massage Single Treatment


For 65 Minutes

This luxurious treatment provided in our treatment room in Boldmere will address any specific pregnancy aches and pains and leave you feeling totally fabulous

Our midwife Linda will position you safely and comfortably on our specially designed pregnancy couch and a gentle relaxation track is played whilst you drift off into deep relaxation. To conclude we take a recording of babies heartbeat and send it to you as a keepsake.


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Pamper and Prepare Massage Package Course of 3 x 65 Minute Sessions


For 3 x 75 Minute Sessions

Treat yourself to 3 sessions of pregnancy massage and receive a discount of £20, plus a beautiful complimentary product.

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Couples Massage Breathing and Positioning Techniques for Labour Learn how to massage and position your partner in labour from 37 Weeks Pregnant



Linda our delivery suite midwife will demonstrate a range of positions that enhance your comfort during labour.

She will demonstrate specifically where the labouring woman tends to feel any discomfort during labour with the help of a pelvic model and then proceed to take your partner step by step through how and where to massage for optimum effect along with tuition as to the most effective breathing techniques in labour

Session notes and a complimentary oil blend plus a facial spritz are provided for labour too.


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