Combined course offer ( 4 courses for the price of 3)

The complete BUMP package-for couples from 28 weeks

This programme offers outstanding value for money and will prepare you entirely, both physically and mentally for labour birth and the early postnatal period in 4 evening sessions. Book this package and the discount on individual courses means that the infant resuscitation course is free of charge.  The added bonus is that they are all provided by a registered Midwife.

Get the knowledge, get prepared and ensure that you remain at the centre of the decision making process

Just book in for the first session from 28 weeks ( try to start with the mindset session first as this is the most logical starting point for the programme) then the course runs over the following three weeks or if you cannot attend one of the sessions you can wait until it rolls around the following month


  1. How to conquer the overwhelm and prepare your mindset for labour and birth (hypnobirthing )  2 hours
  2. How to build a smart birth plan 2.5 hours
  3. How to feed and care for your newborn baby 2.5 hours
  4. How to resuscitate an infant 2 hours

The complete BUMP package for couples from 28 weeks 9 hours @ £217


9 Hours in totalAn ideal package for first time couples, offered as a rolling programme every Thursday evening from 6.30pm ,just choose your start date and let the programme roll on over the next 3 weeks or if you can’t make a week roll onto the next session. Booking the complete package means the infant resuscitation course comes free of charge


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Massage package deals

Purchase a package of 3 of our wonderful massages and save £20 plus get a free gift

Book your first massage and a voucher code will be sent to you to book the remaining two massages when you are ready


  1. Pamper and prepare pregnancy massages 75 mins x 3
  2. Recover and heal MUMMY massages ( 75 mins x 3)
  3. C-section scar release massages ( 90 mins x 3)

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Massage bundle Course of 3 massages

from £160

-This excellent value massage package is ideal for problem solving and soothing aches and pains as well as being deeply relaxing

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Pamper and prepare pregnancy massage courses are recommended to soothe, relieve and treat specific pregnancy conditions such as pelvic girdle pain piriformis (buttock) pain or backache
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The Recover and heal MUMMY massage course allows us to rebalance your body after birth, with advice on nutrition movement and assessment for diastasis recti
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C-section scar release massage courses allow us time to work on coaching you through optimal scar healing with massage nutrition breathing posture and movement advice
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