“I cannot explain how helpful FromBumps2Babies has been through both my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy Linda offered a pregnancy massage, which was absolutely amazing and i felt relaxed and ready to have my little one. I had such a good experience that I went back during my  second pregnancy and had a few massages, as i was experiencing back pains. I am completely convinced that the massages helped the birthing process, as my body and mind were ready for what was about to happen. Lindas knowledge and background made me feel comfortable, as i knew she completely understood what my body was feeling. I will be looking forward to going back for my postnatal massages! Thank you so much. ”

Govi Thandi  (February 2018)

“Booked a pregnancy massage with Linda, it surpassed my expectations, was truly amazing, the best massage ever. Linda made me feel at easy instantly, the bed was so comfy. She said she wanted me to leave on a cloud, well it was a very fluffy cloudy as I felt amazing and slept wonderfully. Would truly recommend.”

Helena Linsky (March 2018)

“Matteo and I welcomed Leon on Wednesday night. He was 3.080kg and need any pain relief other than breaths and warm water. You course helped me a lot in keeping calm and listening to my body. We went to the hospital at 5pm, I was 5cm and was sent straight into the birth pool… Leon arrived at 8:04pm 🙂 He was very very cooperative! Never got stressed and managed to make my contractions powerful and effective. Thanks again!”

Gaia (March 2018)

“Dear Linda, I wanted to say a special big thanks for your courses and classes. They made such a big difference. We knew what everything meant during birth, helped with understanding our options etc – fantastic ! My midwife was thrilled with our birth plan. And luckily after understanding all of the pain relief options, I managed to do  my whole labour with a tens machine and then gas and air for the last 1cm of dilation / actual pushing – so alls well that ends well”

Kiran & Nick  (January 2018)

Reviews from our Facebook Page:
  • 5 star review  Wow had a pregnancy massage today and was exactly what I needed! I’ve never had a massage before and was little nervous but Linda made me feel so comfortable! Was a lovely experience and feel fantastic now. Would highly recommend! Thank you so much! Xx

    thumb Lindsey Hannah Munn

    5 star review  I had an amazing pregnancy message yesterday afternoon. I’m 20 weeks and I am having difficulty with my back and not sleeping great. The massage really eased my back, I felt totally relaxed and slept brilliant. I can’t rate this company enough!! I was also given some advice to ease my back. I am going to book up again soon!!

    thumb Amy Jane Martin

    5 star review  I found Birthfit when I was looking for an alternative to pregnancy yoga which just wasn’t for me! So glad I did as it was great to do some exercise safely as my pregnancy developed which was exactly what I wanted, to meet other mom-to-be’s and tap into Jayne’s advice and experience! I followed onto mumfit and have also had a number of massages which have been fantastic! One of the things I have always valued is that Jayne is clearly extremely knowledgeable and always happy to make suggestions and support no matter what the basic, complex or unusual question might be and I always felt in safe hands. I would recommend Birthfit, mumfit and the massages to anyone.

    thumb Claire Simmonds

    5 star review  I ve loved working out with Jayne at Birthfit ( until 39 weeks) and now at Mumfit. Jayne is a real motivator and has a great understanding of female health / exercise. I have a large ab separation (diastasis recti) and through working with Jayne and her extensive knowledge, it is now repairing. I can highly recommend the pre and post pregnancy massage in her new studio in Olton.

    thumb Laura Owen

    5 star review  Just got back from an amazing postnatal quick fix massage with Jayne at the lovely new Solihull treatment room. Jayne really took the time to understand all the issues I’d been suffering with and worked on areas which showed immediate relief. Can’t recommend enough � x

    thumb Kelly Garlick

    5 star review  I attended Kerrys tough mutha class in Harborne for several months, which I can highly recommend. It was a fab boot camp type work out but specially tailored to ensure that you look after and improve your pelvic floor and tummy muscles. It's given me tremendous confidence improving my figure and helping me get back into running again. This really is a proper work out but also a great laugh too. I've stopped now I'm back at work but once things settle again I may be back! Thanks so much Kerry xx

    thumb Laura Burford

    5 star review  Had an incredible pregnancy massage this afternoon! Will definitely be looking into booking a postnatal one.

    thumb Kate Adcock

    5 star review  Attended Birthfit and Mumfit and loved both! I've had massages both pre and post natal. I've undergone 1:1 diastasis training with Jayne and most recently undergone the 21 day detox.. wow! So much support, advice and knowledge! I don't know where I'd be without Jayne and the girls I've met through the classes! Thankyou!!

    thumb Ceri Clarke

    5 star review  I loved BirthFit when I was pregnant for both tailored pregnancy exercises and information. Thank you Jayne.

    thumb Anna Glendinning

    5 star review  Attended Birthfit classes while pregnant and so glad I did - they were the perfect way to maintain fitness in a safe environment and discuss any pregnancy-related concerns with other mums to be and Jayne, who is always cheerful, kind and supportive. Now attending Mumfit which again is a really supportive class and a good laugh - both things much needed when trying to get fit on little sleep! Have also made some lovely 'mum mates' along the way. Thanks Jayne. X x

    thumb Steph Pal Frey
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Kate Wright

    5 star review  Birthfit is an excellent way to make new friends with other expectant mums and get fit. Really enjoyed the classes and especially meeting everyone there. Hope to see you all in mumfit!

    thumb Jj Williamson

    5 star review  I'm so glad I found Jayne and Bumps to Babies. It's given me a great way to keep fit whilst pregnant and invaluable friendship and support from meeting other pregnant women. Jayne has provided much needed advice throughout my pregnancy - no question is off limits! Now attending Mumfit to get back into shape post baby and really look forward to the classes.

    thumb Jessica Blocksidge

    5 star review  I absolutely loved birthfit when I was pregnant with both of mine and mum fit is amazing!! hard but amazing you can feel the calories burn away Jayne is fantastic at what she does and can give advice on literally everything I highly recommend for pregnant moms especially 1st time moms as the stuff they sugar coat is made realistic so no surprises apart from baby!! Mum fit is brilliant for moms that want to feel good about the body changes after baby and it's great because you can work out and baby is very well looked after in the same room!!! Join ASAP if you haven't already!!

    thumb Shaleeull E'miinah

    5 star review  I had a post natal massage and I cannot recommend it enough! After having my baby my body felt a little bit broken and still not fully recovered. I had pains in my joints and back. I decided to have a post natal massage and it was the best decision! The massage was incredible, I've had massages before and have paid a lot of money for some massages that frankly, have been rubbish. The post natal massage was one of the best I've had! Jayne really soothed my body and helped greatly with the aches and pain. Jayne identified my pressure points and was able to loosen up tightness. She also gave me some advice on stretches that I can do to help my body recover. I will definitely be booking another one. The service provided was by Jayne was excellent and well worth every penny!

    thumb Maria Ferrante Cleaver

    5 star review  Birthfit and Mumfit have absolutely made my experience of pregnancy and new motherhood. Aside from the fantastic exercise classes (which are invaluable to learning to exercise safely pre and post natal), the support network you gain from Jayne and the other mums is amazing. The classes are tailored perfectly to cater for all stages (it was great to be able to move onto Tough Mutha when I was ready to get more sweaty!) and I love that my baby is well cared for in the same room by an excellent babysitter. As a new mum, it's important to feel in safe hands and Jayne's knowledge base is second to none. Just getting some exercise would have been great, but Jayne throws in a wealth of mummy advice - from nutritional advice, tips on picking up your baby safely, physio recommendations and everything in between. I cannot recommend From Bumps To Babies enough!

    thumb Becky Marshall

    5 star review  I started attending these classes from 18 weeks pregnant and have loved every second. Not just the chance to exercise safely whilst pregnant but also to make friends and ask any questions which were worrying me. Jayne Hume is always an excellent source of information and helps put everybody at ease. I've not yet had this baby but am already planning on attending mum fit afterwards!

    thumb Carla Lovell-Roberts

    5 star review  Have just loved every minute of Birthfit to Mumfit! Jayne makes it all so much fun but at the same time we are excersising, keeping healthy, learning and enjoying our selves at the same time. My hubby used to love reading the hand outs too that I came home with on a Thursday night;-) It's more then just a class you make friends and can discuss 'any thing' and ask a million questions. All my family and friends know who Jayne Hume is and all about Birthfit as I go on about it so much. It's such a special time being pregnant and to share it with someone who cares so much about your well being is amazing. I will always be very grateful and have fond memory's of Birthfit&Momfit. Every mommy should experience these class's x x x

    thumb Matthew John Smerdon

    5 star review  I found out about Birthfit through Google and thought I'd give it a try! It was so good to meet other mums-to-be and talk about worries/ changes/ practicalities of being pregnant, whilst doing gentle exercises, designed to keep your body in shape and prepare you for labour. I now attend Mumfit; it's a fantastic workout and has the added bonus of having a fab baby-sitter on site! I would definitely recommend these sessions!

    thumb Laura Diprose

    5 star review  Myself and husband have just attended the practical birthing workshop with Linda and it was so informative and such a friendly atmosphere. Would recommend this to all expectant parents especially first time parents as answered all our questions. Thank you Linda

    thumb Heather Waldron
  • 5 star review  This is the best class as it has it all. Exercise, advice and friendly company.

    thumb Danielle Stanton

    5 star review  

    thumb Linda Anettova Prosser

    5 star review  Keeping fit is important to me so it was great to know that I was exercising safely both during and after pregnancy. In addition the advice that I have received throughout the classes has been invaluable. I would highly recommend these classes, Jayne is fantastic.

    thumb Rachel Lou

    5 star review  I started Birthfit when I was pregnant with my first child. The classes were great to meet new people and Jayne had lots of great advice and was always at the end of the phone when needed. Linda also gave me a fab pregnancy massage! I have now started mumfit which is great and I am sure with her advice and support I will get my pre-pregnancy body back the right way! I highly recommend 🙂

    thumb Jessica Biddulph

    5 star review  I don't know how I would have gotten through the whole "having a baby" process without Birthfit/Mumfit and Jayne. Realistic exercises for both pre and post pregnancy and such a great motivating atmosphere. Jayne is welcoming and approachable and I will be forever greatful for all the advice and support throughout pregnancy and afterwards. In addition, by going to these classes I have founds friends for life. I highly recommend 5************

    thumb Abi Simkin

    5 star review  I started at mumfit when my little boy was around 6 mths old. The mumfit class is a great workout that focuses on exercises specifically designed for postnatal fitness accouting for any muscle separation, pelvic floor or any other post natal issues you may have. All to often my friends have been given the wrong advice on exercise and it's so refreshing to be in the safe hands of a fully qualified expert in this area. Not only does jayne provide support and guidance on exercise but also runs coaching groups on nutrition and diet which has been so instrumental to getting me back into shape. My little boy is now about to turn 2 and I attend jayne's tough mutha class which is a great workout now I'm a bit further along my postnatal journey. She really pushes you through a variety of exercises! Jayne also runs extra activities like our running club recently. Mumfit is truly a community of awesome mummies striving to be fit and healthy - a great support network. Thank you Jayne for all your support

    thumb Joanne Hall

    5 star review  Fully qualified, forward thinking and no nonsense advice that you can rely on for a healthy pregnancy and a great post natal recovery. From fitness to nutrition, pelvic floor to some great support, Birthfit and Mumfit have been simply superb.

    thumb Annette Whalley

    5 star review  The support from this group is phenomenal and it's great to meet other moms Iv done exercises here that I never would of known were the best ones for after having a baby you really feel that Jayne has your best interests at heart x

    thumb Helen Green

    5 star review  A great place to meet other mums, stay healthy and fit with amazing support from Jayne. I would highly recommend for any pregnancy and post pregnancy

    thumb Emma Jukes

    5 star review  Highly recommend Mumfit.. I wish I had found it earlier with my first child. It's helped me regain my confidence and waist line.. The classes are great fun and so welcoming to mums and babies. Linda also does an amazing massage! Thank you Jayne and Linda for your devotion to make us fit and healthy (inside and out) xxx

    thumb Claire Brissenden
  • 5 star review  Just had the most fabulous antenatal massage with Linda, so calming, relaxing and a thoroughly enjoyable treat. Thanks Linda x

    thumb SE Worthington

    5 star review  Just had the most wonderful massage with Linda. Absolute bliss. Such a calm and lovely environment from a really lovely lady. Can't wait to book another one in for next week. Looking at all the other services they offer as I type thank you! Xxx

    thumb Alexandra Louise

    5 star review  

    thumb Maria Mushkbar

    5 star review  I go to birthfit on a Thursday night and I love the classes. Jayne is fabulous and I have learnt a lot from the classes and I am actually starting to like squats!! She loves to remind me "your arms are not pregnant". It makes you feel so good after the class to have done some exercise. I have also met alot of lovely people along the way too. I also had a massage last week with Linda and it was amazing...loved every single minute of it. She was so professional and I felt so comfortable and love that I could lie on my belly! I felt like I was floating on a cloud when I left. Would recommend this to anybody in need of a treat. Wish I have decided to do this earlier and had one every month!

    thumb Sophie Carruthers

    5 star review  

    thumb Jagminder Kaur Hundal

    5 star review  Had an amazing massage from Linda this evening. Would highly recommend to all moms to be x

    thumb Danielle Fowler

    5 star review  we attended the practical Birthing Workshop with Linda and found it v useful&informative.Ideal for parents to be and definately Dad friendly. Linda is very welcoming and friendly and has lots of excellent tips from her wealth of experiencd.We left feeling prepared for the birth and comforted that we have the support of Linda at the end of the phone if we need her over the next couple of weeks.Both my husbsnd and i would highly recommend this class.

    thumb Anna Fergus

    4 star review  I've got such a lot from my birthfit classes - I'm prone to laziness even when I'm not pregnant so having Jayne to push me into a bit of exercise each week is definitely needed! The chats we have after class have been more informative & useful than my midwife appointments x

    thumb Kate Ray

    5 star review  I only found out about from bumps 2 babies after I had had by baby, but next time I am pregnant I will be going to the 'bumps' classes. Mumfit is run by a fun and passionate lady and has a great group of friendly mums I really enjoy it. 100% recommend

    thumb Clare Richards

    5 star review  Excellent... I learn so much... It make u unwind all your tension. You walk out of there happier and cheered up... love this place.

    thumb Sophie Khan
  • 5 star review  

    thumb Aminah Michelle

    5 star review  I loved birthfit and did the class from 20 weeks right up until my son was born. Its a fab class for keeping your energy up in pregnancy and also just for socialising and information on pregnancy and birth (especially for first time mums!). I would definitely recommend it!

    thumb Alys Elsworth

    5 star review  I strongly recommend frombumps 2 babies for anyone looking for a fun antenatal class with focus on fitness as well as birth / post natal advice. It's a great way to meet some lovely people and Jayne is a fantastic instructor.

    thumb Zeenat Wahid

    5 star review  Great leader Jayne. never thought exercise during pregnancy would Benefit me and baby so much. Met great people in my group and missed classes after I had baby.

    thumb Claire Coba Caballero

    5 star review  I would highly recommend From bumps 2 babies! It made my whole pregnancy to birth to recovery experience the best that it could possibly be. I knew that I needed to be physically fit to be able to deal with labor, from Bumps 2 babies gave me this confidence. It was great to be able to do something just for me, that would help my baby in the long term. All the other ladies in the class were in the same position as me where we were able to talk babies, pregnancy and ask any questions that wouldn't be appropriate at home or that we thought might be a bit silly. Please give this class a go you will not regret it!!!!

    thumb Vicky Coombes

    5 star review  

    thumb Jade Davies

    5 star review  Really looking forward to next steps after taster session, I was buzzing for ages after:-)

    thumb Nicola Burdett

    5 star review  Jane got me through my pregnancy. I enjoyed the workout but also the chats as I had no idea what to expect. Xx

    thumb Claire Louise

    5 star review  I only found out about from bumps 2 babies after I had had by baby, but next time I am pregnant I will be going to the 'bumps' classes. Mumfit is run by a fun and passionate lady and has a great group of friendly mums I really enjoy it. 100% recommend

    thumb Clare Richards

    5 star review  Excellent... I learn so much... It make u unwind all your tension. You walk out of there happier and cheered up... love this place.

    thumb Sophie Khan