“I cannot explain how helpful FromBumps2Babies has been through both my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy Linda offered a pregnancy massage, which was absolutely amazing and i felt relaxed and ready to have my little one. I had such a good experience that I went back during my  second pregnancy and had a few massages, as i was experiencing back pains. I am completely convinced that the massages helped the birthing process, as my body and mind were ready for what was about to happen. Lindas knowledge and background made me feel comfortable, as i knew she completely understood what my body was feeling. I will be looking forward to going back for my postnatal massages! Thank you so much. ”

Govi Thandi  (February 2018)

“Booked a pregnancy massage with Linda, it surpassed my expectations, was truly amazing, the best massage ever. Linda made me feel at easy instantly, the bed was so comfy. She said she wanted me to leave on a cloud, well it was a very fluffy cloudy as I felt amazing and slept wonderfully. Would truly recommend.”

Helena Linsky (March 2018)

“Matteo and I welcomed Leon on Wednesday night. He was 3.080kg and need any pain relief other than breaths and warm water. You course helped me a lot in keeping calm and listening to my body. We went to the hospital at 5pm, I was 5cm and was sent straight into the birth pool… Leon arrived at 8:04pm 🙂 He was very very cooperative! Never got stressed and managed to make my contractions powerful and effective. Thanks again!”

Gaia (March 2018)

“Dear Linda, I wanted to say a special big thanks for your courses and classes. They made such a big difference. We knew what everything meant during birth, helped with understanding our options etc – fantastic ! My midwife was thrilled with our birth plan. And luckily after understanding all of the pain relief options, I managed to do  my whole labour with a tens machine and then gas and air for the last 1cm of dilation / actual pushing – so alls well that ends well”

Kiran & Nick  (January 2018)