A guide to Post natal depression

Linda LilwallBirth, Post Natal Fitness & Wellbeing

Most people today have heard the term ‘baby blues’ used to describe a mild short, period of depression which many women experience after childbirth. Fewer people are aware that as many as 10% of all recently delivered women develop postnatal depression. In a proportion of these mothers the depression may be of such severity that they need psychiatric help and … Read More

Mummy Tummy

Linda LilwallPost Natal Fitness & Wellbeing

  During pregnancy the midline of your abdominals (tummy muscles) naturally stretch with the growth of your baby to accommodate your growing bump – Nature is quite brilliant like that! When we discuss this topic in our antenatal classes many women are surprised to hear that their abdominal muscles have actually separated together with the connective tissues and tendons. Have … Read More