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My baby is growing really big what happens next ?

  Large for gestational age (LGA) is often defined antenatally before baby is born as a weight length or head circumference that lies above the 90th gentile on the growth chart and as such exceeds the weight expected for their gestation ( number of weeks in...

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Rib pain during pregnancy

  What Causes Rib Pain During Pregnancy? Here is why you may experience pain in the ribs when you are pregnant. The growing baby and uterus:As the baby grows, the uterus expands, taking more room in the womb. It comes to a stage where all the organs are pushed...

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How to Birth your Baby

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Making a Plan B

Women that prepare themselves for all modes of birth describe the experience as much more positive.

Discover your options if your labour deviates from the usual pathway and understand your options and choices by downloading this guide .